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Scholars have been baffled for centuries.

In the Odyssey Homer gives a detailed description of Ithaca, Odysseus’ homeland.

But where is it?

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Robert Bittlestone had an inspired idea.

What if Paliki, the peninsula on the western coast of Kefalonia, was actually a separate island at the time of Odysseus?

Livadi geoscience team (June 2016)
Then it perfectly matches Homer’s description of Ithaca.

Our compelling research, from geophysics to classical history, means we are close to finding the answer!

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2021 Research Appeal

  • 2021 Research Appeal

    Our science team has plans for carefully targeted fieldwork that may give us the key evidence to finally show that Paliki was a separate island in the Late Bronze Age.

    But we urgently need to raise £52,750 to make it happen.

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