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ABC Radio in Australia features Odysseus Unbound

Odysseus Unbound recently featured on Blueprint for Living, ABC Radio National’s eclectic weekly miscellany of all things cultural.

ABC Radio - Blueprint

Our Project Coordinator, John Crawshaw, was interviewed by the programme’s host, Jonathan Green, for the Lost and Found travel segment on Kefalonia.

In his interview, John gives a personal and fascinating insight into the project.

It’s a great listen.

ABC Radio National – Lost and Found

Lost and Found is broadcast weekly on ABC Radio National. In each episode, they discover a new city or neighbourhood somewhere in the world via its architecture, food, gardens, art, literature and cultural history.

Kefalonia, says Jonathan Green, is “an odyssey of loukamades, fir trees and feasts for a Patron Saint”. 

The entire Blueprint show is also available on various podcast platforms – search for Blueprint: