The Odysseus Unbound Foundation

The Foundation is an educational charity dedicated to advancing knowledge of the ancient world.  Specifically, we conduct and promote scientific and historical research to discover the actual locations of historical sites that have been described in ancient literature such as Homer’s Odyssey.

We are committed to publishing widely all our results so our understanding of the ancient world and the origins of our civilization today is enhanced to everyone’s benefit.

The Foundation was formed in 2017.  It is built upon the inspiration of the late Robert Bittlestone whose ground-breaking ideas about the location of Ithaca, the homeland of Odysseus described by Homer in the Odyssey, are showing significant promise.


Our work is made possible by the generous donations of supporters, by the valuable contributions of leading scholars and other experts and by corporate sponsors.


  • The Foundation is managed by a Steering Committee of Robert’s family, distinguished academics and experts.


The Committee are very grateful to Ioanna Faraklou for the translation of these web pages into Greek.  Her professionalism and dedication is second to none.

Charity number 1172799.  Registered in England & Wales.
Registered Address: 53 Edithna Street, London, SW9 9JR