Odysseus Unbound: book coverEnglish Edition

Odysseus Unbound: The Search for Homer’s Ithaca
Robert Bittlestone, with James Diggle and John Underhill

Published by Cambridge University Press.

Publication date: October 6 2005. 618 pages, 340 colour illustrations.
ISBN: 9780521853576

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Odysseus Lyomenas - coverGreek Edition

Published by Ekdoseis Polytropon, Athens.
[email protected]
 +30 210 3634780

Publication date: December 21 2007. 641 pages, 346 colour illustrations.
ISBN: 978-960-8354-76-0 (hardback). ISBN 978-960-8354-75-3 (paperback).

Translated by Elias Toumasatos and updated with a new Preface and Sequel.

Download:  Preface and Sequel (in English).
Download: Preface and Sequel (in Greek).