Odysseus Unbound: book coverEnglish Edition

Odysseus Unbound: The Search for Homer’s Ithaca
Robert Bittlestone, with James Diggle and John Underhill

Published by Cambridge University Press.

Publication date: October 6 2005. 618 pages, 340 colour illustrations.
ISBN: 9780521853576

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Odysseus Lyomenas - coverGreek Edition

Published by Ekdoseis Polytropon, Athens.
 +30 210 3634780

Publication date: December 21 2007. 641 pages, 346 colour illustrations.
ISBN: 978-960-8354-76-0 (hardback). ISBN 978-960-8354-75-3 (paperback).

Translated by Elias Toumasatos and updated with a new Preface and Sequel.

Download:  Preface and Sequel (in English).
Download: Preface and Sequel (in Greek).

“The book provides… a departure point in an investigative project of impressive potency. This augurs well for its future acceptance.”… Read More

Prof. Adolfo J. Domínguez Monedero - University Autónoma of Madrid, Madrid, Spain

“’Epoch-making’ aptly describes what this book has unleashed.”… Read More

Dr Frederico Lourenço - Centro de Estudos Clássicos, Lisbon, Portugal

“The geological argument in particular is first-class and leaves me in no doubt about the possibility of the theory being proposed.”… Read More

Prof. Tjeerd van Andel - Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK

“Bittlestone’s theory is fundamentally simple… and it is almost certainly correct.”… Read More

Prof. Peter Green - University of Texas, Austin, Texas, USA

“This book is a gem. Its reconstruction of prehistoric Ithaca has a convincingly Homeric ‘look and feel’ to it. Reading the Odyssey is unlikely ever to be the same again”.… Read More

Prof. Gregory Nagy - Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington DC, USA

“[Bittlestone] is the first to have tried to prove in a systematic way that Paliki, during historical times, formed its own island as identified in Homer’s description of Ithaca. It is an original theory that needs to be investigated further.”… Read More

Prof. Denis Searby - Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden

[Bittlestone’s] case for equating Paliki with Ithaca is breathtakingly cogent. Site after site is shown to jibe with the details of Homer’s narrative.”… Read More

Prof. James Holoka - Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA

“There seems to be no doubt at all that Paliki was once a separate island from the rest of Kefalonia.”… Read More

Prof. Mary Beard - Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK