Tributes to Robert Bittlestone

Robert touched the lives of many people.  Here are some of the tributes we received.

RIP my friend…and thanks for signing my CD cover. I will cherish it always!
I’m happy knowing I quenched your thirst at least once along this journey of life we shared ever so briefly together!
Travel well Robert!
Robert Flamiatos
I knew Robert personally, both in connection with the OU project (the aim and findings of which I supported) and because we were fellow-members of the Athenaeum. His demise far too early was a very great sadness to us all.
Paul Cartledge
Robert drove on the project with extraordinary energy and made all of us who have worked on Homer do some serious rethinking, to the great benefit of Homeric and Mycenaean studies.
Peter Jones
Our deepest condolences to you, your colleagues and of course Roberts’s family.
We were honored to have attended the presentations that were held here in Lixouri to do with ‘Odysseus Unbound’; as my children have gone from Primary school through to High school they have been keen followers of the ‘Odysseus Unbound” project, as I am too.
Carol Vowles (Danelatou)
So sad to read this, he was a great man.
Silvio de’Septis, Turkey
On the forum of the Harvard Center for Hellenic Studies we made an announcement to honour the memory of Robert, and a short discussion also.
In friendship,
Rien de Meij, USA
What a loss of a brilliant mind! For me Odysseus Unbound was one of the, if not the greatest, pleasure in reading about antiquity of the last decades.
Jean-Philippe Laugs, Netherlands
Mr. Bittlestone, he saw things in a new light and had the determination to follow it through – with careful evidence-gathering and analysis, rather rare these days.
David Olson, Africa
Robert was so clever, creative and full of life… such a wonderful person, a gentleman, an innovator, a pioneer. Lixouri, Paliki, Kefalonia, Greece and the classic literature as a whole owe so much to his passion for discovery of the trails of the long forgotten Homeric topography and to his amazing envisioning and synthetic capabilities.
Ioanna Faraklou, Greece
Robert was a true visionary…
Brian Hughes
As I write this it is with great sadness as I have learned that Robert Bittlestone passed away earlier this year. I would have loved to have met him.
I know he now walks with Odysseus.
Searching for Odysseus… in Robert’s footsteps
Ken G, Canada, Motorcycle Greece