The Athenaeum

First Annual Dinner for Patrons and Friends: “a brilliant event”

“…absolutely inspiring…”

“…fascinating and enjoyable…”

“…a splendid evening…”

Just some of the comments from guests at the Annual Dinner for Patrons and Friends.

Finally, after two years’ delay due to the COVID pandemic, we held our first-ever Annual Dinner for Patrons and Friends at the Athenaeum Club on Pall Mall in London on Wednesday 20 April 2022.

“Thank you” to our Supporters

Annual Dinner 2022

This was our first real opportunity to say a heartfelt “thank you” to our supporters, without whom our research would not be possible.

We really appreciate the commitment they have shown to the project and their enthusiasm for Robert Bittlestone’s original ideas for a solution to one of the ancient world’s most enduring mysteries.

New Geological Insights

Forty-five guests heard Professor Peter Styles discuss his new insights into the geology of Paliki. Peter has re-evaluated the enormous catalogue of data we have accrued from geoscience by FUGRO, NTUA as well as data from other public sources. The implications of the discoveries dominated the Question and Answer session over dessert.

His interpretations and conclusions are a genuinely significant contribution to geology and we hope to publish the details shortly in a respected scientific journal.