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Casting Through Ancient Greece

James Diggle talks about Odysseus Unbound in the latest episode of the podcast ‘Casting Through Ancient Greece’.

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If you haven’t listened before, Mark Selleck’s podcast is an enthusiastic and accessible exploration of Ancient Greece, from pre-history to the time of Alexander the Great.

In the latest episode, available now, James tells Mark about the origins and history of Odysseus Unbound. James, of course, has been involved from the beginning, and his scholarship underpins the entire project.

James Diggle

Bringing things up to date, they discuss our recent scientific findings which we’re confident will establish that Paliki, the western peninsula of Kefalonia, was once a separate island, and thus, the strongest candidate for the location of Homer’s Ithaca.

James also talks about our future plans to uncover evidence of Mycenaean civilisation on Paliki.

And, as one of the world’s leading Classics scholars, James considers the Odyssey itself, and its reliability as an historical source for what happened in the Late Bronze Age (the time of Odysseus).

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