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Thinia drilling rig
Interim Research Summary 2011

In 2011, the project sponsors Fugro performed land-based shallow drilling using a small mobile rig to obtain continuous rock-cores from a number of locations in Kefalonia, mainly in the Thinia valley… Read More

Geoscientist Dec 2010 cover
Coring for Ithaca

Geoscientist: December 2010
Adler deWind reports from the Greek island of Kefalonia on progress towards proving – or disproving – the theory that the Paliki Peninsula was once separated from the main island and was the true geographical location of Homer’s Ithaca… Read More

Eumaios’ Pig Farm

Revue des Études Anciennes 110 (2008)
Robert Bittlestone responds to Matthias Steinhart’s questions from his review in the Revue des Études Anciennes 109 (2007)… Read More

Testing Classical Enigmas

Geoscientist September 2008
Detailed results and photographs from the first year of sponsorship by Fugro of the Odysseus Unbound project are published… Read More

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