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The Book

English Edition Odysseus Unbound: The Search for Homer’s Ithaca Robert Bittlestone, with James Diggle and John Underhill Published by Cambridge University Press. Publication date: October 6 2005. 618 pages, 340 colour illustrations. ISBN: 9780521853576 Biographies of the authors. Browse contents … Read More

The Evidence

We are very close to finding the answer! Rigorous academic research, from geophysics to classical history, has produced compelling evidence to support Robert Bittlestone’s original hypothesis. Read the detailed report of our most recent geophysical research findings. Paliki was once … Read More

The Theory

If Paliki, the peninsula on the western coast of Kefalonia, was a separate island at the time of Odysseus… …it is then a perfect candidate for Odysseus’ homeland of Ithaca, as described by Homer.  It’s west-facing, while the surrounding islands face … Read More

The Mystery

Where is Odysseus’ homeland? For centuries scholars have been baffled by Homer’s description of Ithaca in the Odyssey.  It simply doesn’t fit the geography of the modern day Ionian island of Ithaki. Today’s islands of Ithaki and Kefalonia lie to … Read More


The Odysseus Unbound Foundation The Foundation is an educational charity dedicated to advancing knowledge of the ancient world.  Specifically, we conduct and promote scientific and historical research to discover the actual locations of historical sites that have been described in … Read More

Thinia geology map
Geoscience 2011-2014

The geoscience has revealed a complex geo-tectonic and geological landscape beneath the Thinia valley, the isthmus connecting the western peninsula of Paliki with the rest of Kefalonia. It suggests the massive rotational slump of a huge section of the eastern mountainside uplifted the former marine channel by over 100 metres. Now the question is – when?… Read More

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