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Prof. Peter Green

“Bittlestone’s theory is fundamentally simple… and it is almost certainly correct.”… Read More

Prof. James Holoka

[Bittlestone’s] case for equating Paliki with Ithaca is breathtakingly cogent. Site after site is shown to jibe with the details of Homer’s narrative.”… Read More

Electron microscope
Analysis of the marine sediment cores has begun

A team of scientists from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens has begun the careful micropalaeontological analysis that will give us the all-important dates for when sea levels rose to fill the channel between Paliki and the rest of Kefalonia.… Read More

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Odysseus und Polyphemus, Arnold Böcklin (1896, public domain) Unlike Odysseus, it won’t take 10 years to get you home!

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