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Management Team

The Odysseus Unbound Foundation is managed by a Steering Committee of our six Trustees and other experts.

Livadi Harbour from Kastelli

Ithaca’s harbour is visible from Odysseus’ palace and is deep, according to Homer. The Livadi Marsh was under water in the Late Bronze Age and is directly below Kastelli … Read More

Kastelli and Livadi Harbour

The palace of Odysseus is central to the story. Kastelli closely matches the many clues in the Odyssey to the layout and location of the palace and city … Read More

Atheras Bay from Atheras

Odysseus lands on Ithaca at Phorcys Bay. Homer writes that it has two long headlands jutting out to sea. Atheras Bay on the north coast of Paliki fits that description perfectly… Read More

Support us

How you can help We are optimistic we can soon bring the current stage of the Odysseus Unbound project to a significant and successful conclusion, so we are actively seeking funding to bring this about. Only the generous gifts of … Read More

Past Research

An extensive programme of research has been underway since 2003 2003: The Odysseus Unbound project begins. 2005: Publication of ‘Odysseus Unbound: The Search for Homer’s Ithaca’ documenting the basis for the theory, identifying candidate locations matching the landscape described in the … Read More

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