Here you can find all the results of our extensive fieldwork and research.

Geoscience 2011-2014

The geoscience has revealed a complex geo-tectonic and geological landscape beneath the Thinia valley, the isthmus connecting the western peninsula of Paliki with the rest of Kefalonia. It suggests the massive rotational slump of a huge section of the eastern mountainside uplifted the former marine channel by over 100 metres. Now the question is – when?… Read More

Coring for Ithaca

Geoscientist: December 2010
Adler deWind reports from the Greek island of Kefalonia on progress towards proving – or disproving – the theory that the Paliki Peninsula was once separated from the main island and was the true geographical location of Homer’s Ithaca… Read More

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Island Hypothesis Appeal

In 2021 you raised £49,605.43 towards our target of £52,750.00. Thank you!

You've put us within sight of an answer to the most important core question of the Odysseus Unbound project: was Paliki a separate island in the Late Bronze Age?

But to finally get that answer, we must reach our target to complete this key research.