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We are particularly grateful to FUGRO for their multi-year sponsorship of a comprehensive programme of geophysical research and 3-dimensional surface and sub-surface mapping including ground, airborne and marine surveys, borehole drilling and core analysis, supplemented by sponsorship of a geology PhD student whose thesis was based on the data produced.

Continuing analysis of the data has further increased our understanding of the underlying geology and tectonic profile of the locations that are key to resolving the question at the heart of the Odysseus Unbound hypothesis – was Paliki a separate island at the time of Odysseus in the Late Bronze Age?

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Our thanks are due to the following organisations and individuals who have generously assisted the project with resources and expertise. For further details, click on the appropriate logo.

Michael Marks Charitable Trust UK Marks Trust crest Marina, Lady Marks PhD OMKM, Chairman Donation towards our research
National Technical University of Athens Greece NTUA logo Associate Professor George Apostolopoulos Geophysical research and analysis including EMR, GPR and Resistivity surveys
IGME Greece IGME logo Constantine Perissoratis Marine seismic survey equipment and expertise and overall project certification
NASA USA NASA World Wind Patrick Hogan, Randy Kim, Chris Maxwell Developmental liaison and priority access to interactive 3D global visualisation capabilities
Radarteam Sweden Radarteam Per Wikstroem Ground penetrating radar antennae and survey skills
Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art UK RLAHA Christopher Bronk Ramsey and Jean-Luc Schwenninger Radiocarbon dating and optical luminescence dating expertise
GSSI USA GSSI Dan Welch and Dennis Johnson Ground penetrating radar equipment and survey skills
Allied Associates UK Allied Associates Norman Bell Ground penetrating radar equipment
BP UK BP Tony Hayward Financial support for geophysical research by Edinburgh University students
Geoservice Greece Klisthenis Dimitriadis and Manolis Sarrikostis Geophysical borehole logging equipment and consultancy
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences – Geological Institute Bulgaria Kristalina Stoykova Paleontological, stratigraphical and sedimentological analysis of borehole microfossils
Geosoft Canada and UK Geosoft Wayne Higgins Provision of Geosoft Education Edition software for computerised analysis of gravitational anomalies
Scintrex Canada Scintrex Chris Nind Provision of CG-5 Autograv Gravity Meter for field data capture of gravitational anomalies