How you can help

We are optimistic we can soon bring the current stage of the Odysseus Unbound project to a significant and successful conclusion, so we are actively seeking funding to bring this about.

Only the generous gifts of time and funding from our supporters, patrons, sponsors and collaborators have allowed us to reach this critical stage.

If you would like to contribute to our work, whether it is with academic knowledge and expertise, equipment or by a donation or sponsorship, we would like to hear from you.

However you can help us, it is greatly appreciated.

Your Security

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You can make your secure online donation in British Pounds, US Dollars or Euros.

Become a Patron

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As a Patron of Odysseus Unbound, we ask for an annual donation of £1,000 ($1000 or €1000) or more, guaranteed for at least 3 years. This generous commitment allows us to conduct the vital research projects and plan effectively.

Patrons get special privileges and are recognised on our website (you can, of course, choose to remain anonymous).

Become a Friend

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Our Friends are the lifeblood of the project and the funds raised will cover the charity’s annual operating costs as well as contribute towards vital research projects.

As a Friend of Odysseus Unbound, we ask for an annual donation of at least £100, €100, or $100 that you can amend or cancel at any time.

Make a Donation

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Every donation, however small or large, is greatly appreciated and makes it possible for us to carry out our research.

For your convenience, we offer a number of secure ways to donate online or by cheque.

Sponsorship and Collaboration


We are actively looking for independent, commercial or corporate sponsors who wish to fund our scientific and archaeological research or who would like to collaborate with equipment or expertise.

Fugro Marine Survey
The Fugro team deploys hydrophones for a seismic survey of the Gulf of Livadi.

Academic Collaboration

Rigorous academic research is at the heart of the Odysseus Unbound project. We have links with universities in the UK, Greece and globally.

The project is uniquely cross-disciplinary. Already, one PhD thesis has resulted from an academic partnership between the project and Edinburgh University.

We are always open to offers of academic collaboration to advance geoscientific, archaeological or classical history studies.

Antikythera Odysseus statue
Marble statue of Odysseus from the Antikythera shipwreck (1st century BC. National Archaeological Museum of Athens)

How we spend your donation

As a charity, we have very low operating costs. We have no employees and all our personnel give their time voluntarily. This allows us to spend almost all the funds we raise on the key research required to advance our understanding of ancient Ithaca.

Like every organisation, we have operating costs such as marketing and publicity, travel costs and accounting fees, which amount to around £6,000 each year.

The research projects that we undertake in partnership with universities are significantly more expensive, and cost approximately £45,000 – £50,000 per annum and are funded through a combination of individual donations, donations from charitable trusts and corporate sponsorship.

Thank you.