Prof. Adolfo J. Domínguez Monedero

University Autónoma of Madrid, Madrid, Spain | Professor of Ancient History

The book provides not so much a closed hypothesis but, on the contrary, more of a departure point in an investigative project of impressive potency. This augurs well for its future acceptance: it is an approach that is well suited towards solving the different hypotheses that are raised within the work and to verifying their viability or, on the contrary, seeing whether they lead to an eventual impasse…


It is a study that reveals an overwhelming passion for the Homeric world, for its personages and their landscapes…The hypothesis that the author develops is without a doubt achieved with great brilliance and with the benefit of all of the capabilities of modern technology…In this book Bittlestone has succeeded in captivating the reader throughout in his search for the Ithaca of Ulysses

La Aventura de la Historia, September 2006