Prof. Denis Searby

Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden | Professor of Ancient Greek

Like a modern-day Schliemann, the English economist and amateur researcher Robert Bittlestone… proposes to identify Odysseus’ island with Paliki, the northwestern peninsula that is now a part of Kefalonia, the rest of Kefalonia with the ‘mainland’ and Ithaca as Doulichion.


He is not the first to have chosen Paliki as Ithaca – although his deductions were made independently of others – but he is the first to have tried to prove in a systematic way that Paliki during historical times formed its own island as identified in Homer’s description of Ithaca.


The book’s most important contribution to date is a captivating hypothesis about a problem posed by the antique geographer Strabo…The book “Odysseus Unbound” offers an interesting read that is also at times very amusing. It is an original theory that needs to be investigated further. It will be exciting to follow this development as it unfolds – assuming that the newly focussed investigation team receives sufficient financing in order to pursue the proposed geological and archaeological studies.

Svenska Dagbladet, April 2006