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We feature in Geoscientist magazine for May 2018

The latest issue of Geoscientist magazine is out…

It brings you bang up to date with all our research so far.  Find out just how close we are to finding out if the Odysseus Unbound theory is right and Paliki really was a separate island in the Late Bronze Age.

All we need to do now is to date two key geological events to validate the theory, which would make Paliki a compelling site for Odysseus’ true home of Ithaca.

If you’re particularly interested in geoscience and geology we also reveal some intriguing new ideas that have emerged about the tectonic fault that separates Africa from Europe and which passes close to Kefalonia, making the island so seismically active.

The Geoscientist Editor, Ted Nield, writes warmly about us too in his editorial.  Ted’s encouragement and support is greatly appreciated.

Geoscientist is the monthly Fellowship magazine of the Geological Society of London.

Read the full version of the article online on the Geoscientist website.

 Download a pdf reprint of the full article and associated editorial.