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We’re very proud to welcome you to our new website.

The Odysseus Unbound project has seen some major developments in 2017 and we’re moving forward with renewed vigour.

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We have formed the Odysseus Unbound Foundation to manage the project and to bring our work to a wider public.

We’re especially pleased that the Charity Commission of England and Wales has granted us charitable status.

After the considerable progress we’ve made already, we now have ambitious plans for the final research effort needed to validate the theory and we are actively seeking donors and sponsors to make this possible.

The funds we raise will not only mean we can continue our research but we can also meet our aim of spreading knowledge of the ancient world to the widest audience.

Read more about the Odysseus Unbound Foundation.
Find out how you can support us in our work.

Greek website

Our website is currently only available in English but a Greek version will be ready very soon.

Until then, you can visit our old Greek website.

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